simple living

what is a simple living?


Food is only half of the equation.  Our lifestyle matters to our health just as much as what we put in our mouths.  Life today is quite different than it was 10 years ago or 20 years ago.  We are busier than ever.  The advances in travel, technology, and social media have enabled us to take on a lot more than our previous generations, as we have the resources and time freed up to add more to our plates.


My question is are we happier?  Is our lifestyle more fulfilling?  Or are we running around like crazy people, never fully present where we are and never having a moment to be still and quiet.


I love to be active and involved, running from place to place, and I love to be social, using texting and Facebook to connect.  But, I have found that continuing to live at such a fast pace, trying to squeeze it all in, not only depletes my energy and emotional health but also leaves me with no time to slow down and just be.


My goal for myself and my challenge to you is this – achieve balance in your life through living simply.  Just as I believe in a simple, healthy approach to food, I also believe in a simple, healthy approach to lifestyle.  As I have made these changes to my own life, I find that I am truly happier and more content with less.  I’m not saying to throw away all of your savvy appliances and technology instruments and move to a farm with no telephone.  Nor am I saying not to go after your goals and dreams and do those things you are passionate about.  But, I am saying to take a good look at your life – where and how you spend your time – and make choices.  Choose those possessions, activities, and relationships that inspire and really nourish you.

take a personal inventory –

  • your food, meals, and diet
  • your relationships with friends and family
  • your relationship with God
  • physical activities
  • home and possessions
  • finances
  • career
  • volunteer activities
  • hobbies
  • ways you care for yourself

What parts of your life do you look forward to?  What things energize you?  What do you really need?  What can you do without?  Give yourself permission to make changes in your life that will result in spending your time on those things that truly nourish you.

establish healthy boundaries –

I have lived most of my life being a “yes” woman.  I take on whatever anyone asks me to take on, and then I think about how in the world I will fit it in later.  As a result, I get really frustrated inside, which shows up as a short temper and a sharp tongue with those I love the most.  I am learning that I cannot be everything to everybody, and that means establishing boundaries in my life, so I am not spread so thin that I break.

de-clutter –

Clear the cabinets, clean out the closets, and purge all the “stuff” that is weighing you down.  Ask yourself if you really need all of the junk you have collected, and see how little is really important to you.  Resist the urge to acquire more by checking in with your needs before purchasing.  A cleaned out, organized home is one of peace and low maintenance, so your energy (and money!) is saved for keeping up with those people, activities, and things that truly matter to you.

take time to recharge –

A simpler life allows for time to slow down – to be still, to be alone, to just breathe.  We miss out on getting to know ourselves and our God when we hurry through every day, multi-tasking along the way.  Spend time taking care of yourself through pampering treatments or doing something you love like reading a book, going on a walk or hike, gardening, or taking pictures.  We all need time to recharge our batteries, and slowing down to do something you enjoy, especially quiet time alone, does just that.


Just as I am passionate about showing you foods that heal and the benefits of going gluten free, I am also passionate about exploring how you can simplify your life to find balance, happiness, and fulfillment.  I would love to visit with you more about your life and how simplifying can help you live a healthier lifestyle.