gluten free baking

Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour is certified gluten-free. Full of protein and dietary fiber, almond flour works well in a wide variety of recipes. Blanched Almond Flour can be substituted for flour in cakes, breads, cookies, muffins, and your favorite recipes that call for flour.  Honeyville’s Blanched Almond Flour is 100% pure skinless almonds, with no additional ingredients added. The almonds are not subjected to any chemical or steam treatments. Blanched Almond Flour is simply skinless almonds that are milled into fine flour.


Authentic Foods Gluten Free Classical Blend 
 is a simple all purpose gluten free, corn free baking flour created by Annalise Roberts, author of Gluten-Free Baking Classics.  This all purpose flour is great for making gluten free cakes, muffins, cookies and pie crusts.



Let’s Do. Organic Coconut Flour is made from certified organic fresh coconuts. After separating the rich, white coconut meat from its shell, we use pressurized steam to remove most of its fat. We thoroughly dry the defatted coconut before milling it to a fine cream colored flour. Although its texture is very similar to wheat flour, Let’s Do. Organic Coconut Flour is completely gluten free, high in fiber and more than 20% protein. Organic Coconut Flour is wonderful in baked goods, and delicious in your favorite smoothies


Millet Flour has a subtle flavor, lots of vitamins and minerals, and adds a lovely creamy color to baked goods.




Potato Starch is made from top quality high starch potatoes by a natural water and filtration process. It is excellent as a thickener for making gravies, sauces, soups or stews. Our Potato Starch is also a terrific ingredient for gluten-free baking, as it produces a tender, moist crumb.



Sorghum Flour, a millet-like grain, is America’s third leading cereal crop. It is a powerhouse of nutrition and adds hearty protein and superb flavor to gluten-free baking. Add 15-20% sorghum flour to your flour mixes to make delicious breads, cakes, cookies, and more.



Tapioca Flour is a grain-free flour derived from cassava root. It is a starchy, slightly sweet, white flour. Use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per recipe to sweeten breads made with rice and millet flour.



Xanthan Gum is designed for people allergic to gluten. It adds volume and viscosity to bread and baked foods. Xanthan gum is actually a good substitute to gluten. It is made from a tiny microorganism called Xanthomonas campestris and is a natural carbohydrate. It’s ability to hold small particles of food together makes it a great baking addition for those who are allergic to gluten.