10-day fresh start detox

The 10 -Day Fresh Start Detox is the perfect plan to give your body a clean slate, as you will cleanse from gluten, sugar, and processed foods while taking time out of your busy lifestyle to care for yourself.  In our world today, toxicity has become a real concern.  We eat more gluten-filled, sugary, refined foods than ever, ingest new chemicals and hormones, and abuse ourselves daily with stimulants and sedatives.  The resulting toxicity causes silent inflammation in our bodies, which leads to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and other diseases.  In addition to this threat of disease, a sluggish, toxic system leaves our energy depleted because our bodies are not functioning optimally.  We experience headaches, sinus and respiratory ailments, allergies, achy joints, and stomach upset.  We gain weight and have difficulty losing and keeping it off.  Cleansing is our body’s way of getting rid of these harmful substances as well other toxic wastes produced internally, which leaves you feeling energized and stimulates weight loss.  The 10-Day Fresh Start Detox ebook and coaching program will jumpstart you into a simple, healthy gluten free lifestyle!

your 10-day fresh start detox will…

  • cleanse you from gluten, grains, sugar, and other processed and artificial foods
  • restore your energy
  • jumpstart weight loss
  • begin a paleo or primal lifestyle (vegetarian and vegan options as well)
  • fuel your body with real, whole food that your body recognizes and can use
  • allow your digestive system to heal and eliminate wastes
  • encourage liver-loving foods as well as liquids to flush your kidneys
  • provide detoxifying practices for your lungs, skin, and lymphatic system
  • restore an alkaline condition to your body
  • balance expanding and contracting foods
  • allow for optimal digestion through proper food combining
  • stabilize your blood sugar
  • add back high quality beneficial bacteria for an optimally functioning, healthy gut and immune system

your 10-day fresh start ebook includes…

  • information on why detox
  • a detailed eating plan for 10 days
  • tips for a successful cleanse
  • a list of foods to include and why
  • a list of foods to avoid
  • complete grocery list for 10 days
  • list of seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • food preparation instructions
  • recipes to try
  • exercise and self care practices for de-stressing
  • sample daily schedule for days 1 – 10
  • daily journal for days 1 – 10
  • click here to download now!

your 10-day fresh start detox coaching program includes –

  • 10-Day Fresh Start Detox ebook
  • a 1 hour in person or phone consultation to go over what to expect during the program, your personal goals, and how to have a successful cleanse
  • a guided shopping trip to Whole Foods to prepare before the detox for those in the Dallas area
  • email, text, and phone support throughout the 10 days
  • a 1 hour in person or phone wrap up session at the end of the program
  • price:  $99.99
  • contact me today to start your 10-Day Fresh Start Detox! 

check out what people are saying about detoxing with me –

…what a fabulous experience it was I am still feeling so good!!!!! There are so many things that I am gonna take from this and teach to my kids.  Its a whole new way of living!!!! It really opened my eyes to alot of things that they trick us into believing are good for us and how sugar is everywhere!! I lost weight quickly, and I think it jump started my metabolism.  Those are always good things!! I have to say she really knows her stuff and was a complete joy to work with, and guess what, Whole Foods doesn’t seem so scary now!!! I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who just wants to feel better about what they are eating and their general health!!!…Kathy

…I knew I needed to start eating better, and wanted to lose some weight too.  This was the perfect solution…a way to reset my body, and get myself really thinking about the choices I was making.  I don’t do change well, but knowing it was only for 10 days, I figured I could do it.  Well, I wouldn’t have stuck with it if it weren’t for your coaching.  Days three and four were really tough when my body went through the temper-tantrum, but since you had told me that I might expect that, and walked me through it, I stuck with it.   

I’ve found some vegetables that I really like, and have learned that having avocado on a salad can take away any “need” I had for cheese on that salad.  I’ve also learned that planning is really the key when you’re trying to eat right, but have found ways to make-do when I need to.

I have cut my blood pressure meds in half (after getting the doctor’s permission), and my blood pressure is still LOW!  I’m sure I should be most excited about the blood pressure aspect of this change, but in truth it might be more about the vanity!  I FEEL so much better, and I feel SO much more confident about myself.  Getting into a swimsuit doesn’t seem nearly as frightening is it would have a month ago.  Shopping for clothes is fun again!

So, just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you for all of your help with this.  You are doing an amazing job, and your passion for this shows in all that you are doing.  Congratulations on your business…Wendy