food heals

I am amazed at the power food has over our lives – how we feel, act, think, and heal.  Food is the source of our energy for physical activities, mental stamina, and every process that is essential to a healthy life.  We were created to eat food to survive.  It provides the raw materials for growth, repair, and healing and also communicates to every cell in our body.  Food is our fuel, building blocks, and instructions.


Thinking back to middle school science, our bodies are made up of lots of tiny building blocks called cells.  We have all different types of cells in our bodies that group together to accomplish a certain task, so our bodies can be the walking, talking, thinking miracles that they are.  These cells run on glucose – broken down carbohydrates or sugars – for the energy to to do their jobs, they rely on a nucleus filled with DNA for the code of instructions for everything our cells need to know to function like a well oiled machine, and they need nutrients like proteins, which break down into amino acids, and fats for healthy growth and development.  These three – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats – are the macronutrients essential to living cells and therefore a healthy life.  Also important are micronutrients, or vitamins and minerals, which do not provide energy but are needed in small amounts, as they play a critical role in the normal functioning of our body processes to ensure we are healthy and active.


We get these life sustaining macro and micronutrients from the food we eat.  The better quality the food, the better quality the nutrients we are supplying our bodies with, and the better we feel, act, think, and heal.  When we eat food, as it moves through our digestive tract, we break it down and absorb the needed nutrients.  When we eat real, whole, fresh foods, our bodies recognize and understand exactly what to do with these broken down nutrients.  Because our bodies are made up of cells that are made up of these same raw materials, we understand our food because it is also made of cells that are made up of these same raw materials.


We experience the need for nutrients as hunger.  At that point, we have a choice – what will we choose to put in our mouths for nourishment?  Eating real, whole, fresh foods, feeds our bodies high quality nutrients to use for energy and all body processes.  The nutrients in this top notch food are potent and easily identified and used by our bodies, so that we feel great and everything in our bodies runs like it should.  We can lead the busy and enjoyable lives we love and feel good doing it.


I am blessed with a healthy body, but I haven’t always been that way.  I am one of those highly sensitive types, prone to allergies and able to feel the slightest difference in energy level, mood, and focus.  Through my journey to understand what my body needs to feel good and stay well, I am constantly amazed at the power food has to effect me.  The more real, whole, fresh foods I eat, the better I feel.  I have become passionate about sharing my story and helping others understand their own bodies.  When we feel good, we are able to live fully – fulfilling our purpose while we are here on earth and enjoying life in the process.

My tips to incorporate more real, whole, fresh foods in your life:

  • Keep your meals simple.
  • Stick to just a few ingredients and let the natural flavors satisfy you.
  • Focus on fruits, vegetables, spices, oils, nuts, seeds, and clean meats to create well balanced, flavorful dishes.
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store where the produce and other fresh foods are found.
  • Choose foods with real, recognizable ingredients.
  • Look for the local label to ensure your food has the most potent nutrients available.
  • Visit your local farmer’s market or look into joining a CSA.
  • Choose organic whenever possible to avoid pesticides and chemicals.
  • Incorporate raw foods whenever possible.


I would love to visit with you about your food and how you can incorporate more real, whole, fresh foods in your life.  I would love to take you on a tour of Whole Foods and show you how simple it can be to eat this way.  And, I would love to help you to make simple, healthy meals that work for your busy lifestyle.