feeding your growing body

As parents, we all encourage our children to do their best in school, athletics, dance, theatre, band, or whatever is their passion.  We help them with homework, schedule private lessons, drive them all around town to activities, but most of us focus much less on what they put in their mouths.  We know that we are what we eat, so do your kids have what it takes inside, literally, to give it their all and grow at the same time?

In our world today, kids are constantly bombarded with food companies marketing to them, media messages, vending machines, fast food drive-thrus, birthday parties – you name it – all promoting or serving packaged and processed foods, many that claim positive health benefits.  But, most of that food has little nutritional value while being packed with sugar, additives, and preservatives.  During the Feeding Your Growing Body program, your children will learn how to choose and prepare foods that give them high quality, well-balanced nutrition at every meal and snack, how to read labels and identify excess sugar and other unnatural ingredients, how to give themselves the edge they need to focus and build stamina and strength while at the same time nourishing their growing bodies.  Set your kids up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits, choices, and taste buds before they launch into the world on their own.  Contact me today to schedule your kids’ Feeding Your Growing Body program.

bring your growing adolescent and learn how –

  • nutrition affects their performance at school, athletics, dance, theatre, band, etc.
  • they get their energy:  simple and complex carbohydrates
  • to choose and prepare high quality, nutrient dense meals and snacks
  • to get the most out of their food:  focus, energy, stamina, strength, and growth
  • to fuel before, during, or after a competition
  • to break the vicious sugar addiction cycle
  • to choose and prepare naturally sweet treats
  • to find balance in their busy lives
  • to listen to their bodies and discern what they really need

in your program, you will –

  • receive a book of information, visuals, recipes, and resources
  • meet with me for 2 one hour sessions
  • participate in interactive lessons
  • learn how to read food labels and identify hidden sugar and unhealthy ingredients
  • make and prepare food samples
  • $199 per family for both sessions

check out what others are saying about my Feeding Your Growing Body program –

…my daughters and I attended Courtney’s class and learned SO much, particularly about how much hidden sugar is found in foods we once thought were “healthy”.  Her demonstration on how much sugar a typical child can consume in a day was shocking and we were all stunned.  Our favorite part was trying some of her delicious and healthy recipes.  A couple are already family favorites! – Leah