complete guide to going gluten free

Gluten sensitivity is a subject near and dear to my heart, as I lived most of my life in a state of constant silent inflammation due to gluten consumption.  Growing up and into my young adulthood, I suffered from chronic debilitating allergies, achiness, headaches, depression, anxiety, and insomnia that limited my energy, negatively affected my mood, and left me with a general feeling of malaise.  After ridding my body of gluten for nearly 10 years, I feel amazing.  I have endless energy, lead an active lifestyle, easily maintain a healthy weight, feel in control of my mood, and no longer suffer from allergies.  I am passionate about you experiencing the same drastic results as I have by cutting out gluten.

My Complete Guide to Going Gluten Free is the program I wish I had when I first decided to omit gluten from my diet.  I can still remember my initial shock when the doctor told me I needed to stop eating wheat and and any other products containing gluten.  10 years ago, I had never heard the word gluten nor did I know of anyone else in my same predicament. The doctor handed me a single sheet of paper with a list of forbidden foods , which at the time seemed to be my entire diet.  How in the world was I going to eat ANYTHING?!  I left the office feeling defeated before even starting.  Over the next 10 years, I would study and learn and experiment and somehow stick with it, but it wasn’t easy.
Although it seems like wheat is everywhere, hundreds of foods naturally contain no gluten.  Fruits, vegetables, spices, oils, nuts, seeds, eggs, and clean meats are naturally gluten free.  The trick is to set up your life to not only eat those foods but also to enjoy your meals too.  We eat for many reasons besides physical nourishment.  Eating is a social, communal experience as well as an adventure for our senses.  We want our food to taste good, and we want to enjoy it with those we love.  When you first go gluten free, you feel like those important aspects of eating are taken away.  It can be lonely and frustrating, as you are also constantly inspecting your food to make sure it is safe to eat while everyone else gets to enjoy whatever they please.
My Complete Guide to Going Gluten Free will make your transformation as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  I have wrapped all the knowledge, recipes, products, and strategies  I’ve learned over the last 10 years into a simple guide that includes everything you need to know to make the transition as easy and painless as possible.  My intense coaching program sets you up for success, with a companion ebook and follow up coaching sessions to make sure you feel excited, comfortable, and confident in your new diet for a lifetime.  We will also track the physical, mental, and emotional changes you experience over the first month and make any adjustments and tweaks needed for you to stay on track.

with my complete guide to going gluten free, you will…

  • love your food
  • eat without worry
  • save time
  • be social
  • travel

your complete guide to going gluten free ebook includes…

  • why gluten is damaging to your health
  • what foods contain gluten, including hidden sources
  • how to find gluten on a food label
  • setting up your gluten free kitchen
  • purging your pantry of gluten containing foods
  • restocking with healthy gluten free foods
  • how to prepare simple, healthy meals
  • 4 week meal plan with grocery list
  • how to eat out at a restaurant
  • gluten free restaurant guide
  • tips on social situations and traveling
  • $9.99

your complete guide to going gluten free coaching program includes…

  • complete guide to going gluten free ebook
  • 1-hour session covering what foods contain gluten, how to find gluten on a food label, how to set up your gluten free kitchen, and how to prepare simple gluten free meals
  • onsite pantry purge of all foods containing gluten
  • grocery store tour to restock your kitchen
  • 2 1-hour follow up sessions for ongoing support and tips to live an enjoyable gluten free lifestyle
  • $249